These hyperSpec functions are deprecated and not maintained any more. You should not use these. Currently they are present due to back-compatibility reasons and will be removed in the next release of the package. Please, use the suggested alternative functions instead.


This is useful for generating certain types of baseline "reference spectra".

wl.eval(x, ..., normalize.wl = I)

# S3 method for hyperSpec
wl.eval(x, ..., normalize.wl = I)

# S3 method for numeric
wl.eval(x, ..., normalize.wl = I)



either hyperSpec object or numeric vector.


expressions to be evaluated.


function to transform the wavelengths before evaluating the polynomial (or other function). Use normalize01() to map the wavelength range to the interval [0, 1].


hyperSpec object containing one spectrum for each expression.

See also


C. Beleites, V. Gegzna