Get the names of R hyperSpec family packages that are available on GitHub organization r-hyperspec (the official homepage of these packages).

This function requires Internet connection.



Character vector with the names of the packages.


If your machine is connected to the Internet and you receive issues due to overused limit of anonymous connections to GitHub, you may run alternative code that employs GitHub PAT (personal access token) for authentication. You have to have GitHub account (you can register here: Then, on how to set your GitHub PAT, see sections "10.1.2 How to get a PAT?", "10.2.1 Call an R function to store your credentials", and (if you need more information) others on this chapter and set PAT. Then use this code:

# install.packages("gh")
gh_api_response <- gh::gh("GET /users/r-hyperspec/repos?per_page=100")
repo_names <- vapply(gh_api_response, "[[", "", "name")
package_names <- grep("^hyperSpec|^hySpc[.]", repo_names, value = TRUE)


V. Gegzna