This package gives an interface to handle hyperspectral data sets in R. Hyperspectral data are spatially or time-resolved spectra, or spectra with any other kind of information associated with the spectra. E.g. spectral maps or images, time series, calibration series, etc.
The spectra can be data as obtained in XRF, UV/VIS, Fluorescence, AES, NIR, IR, Raman, NMR, MS, etc.
More generally, any data that is recorded over a discretized variable, e.g. absorbance = f(wavelength), stored as a vector of absorbance values for discrete wavelengths is suitable.

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  • citation("hyperSpec") produces the correct citation.

  • package?hyperSpec for information about the package.

  • class?hyperSpec for details on the S4 class provided by this package.


C. Beleites

Maintainer: Claudia Beleites