These hyperSpec functions are deprecated and not maintained any more. You should not use these. Currently they are present due to back-compatibility reasons and will be removed in the next release of the package. Please, use the suggested alternative functions instead.


These functions fit polynomial baselines.



handed to spc_fit_poly_below()


hyperSpec object containing the baselines in the spectra matrix, either as polynomial coefficients or as polynomials evaluted on the spectral range of


Both functions fit polynomials to be used as baselines. If is NULL, a hyperSpec object with the polynomial coefficients is returned, otherwise the polynomials are evaluated on the spectral range of calculates the least squares fit of order poly.order to the complete spectra given in Thus needs to be cut appropriately. tries to fit the baseline on appropriate spectral ranges of the spectra in For details, see the vignette("baseline").


C. Beleites